Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catching Up

So I created a blog, wrote an introductory post about all the writing I would do, and then didn't post for a month.

Ok. That's got to get better.

Since I titled the blog, "Learning to Tri", I thought I would start by putting up my race reports from the summer. Some are triathlons, some are running races, and some are just random practices. I'll write more about other things as I get into a better habit. For the next few weeks, it will probably be training updates, as Beach2Battleship (B2B) and the California International Marathon (CIM) loom closer and closer.

It bugs me that I didn't post the race reports in chronological order, and I can't change them now.  Ugh.

But other posts will just be random bits of anything. Kinda like this one.

Chiefs won. Sweetness is in the process of losing. Good football day for NFL and bad for Fantasy.  Baseball playoffs are really interesting. Seriously.

It's October now. Wasn't it just July?

Ok, NBC just showed a bunch of live crab, then sorting the crab, then steaming the crab dead, then serving a whole bunch of the crab in the restaurant. I like crab cakes, but now I'm thinking I don't want to eat crab. Ever.

I like the breast cancer awareness, NFL, but there are some teams whose colors just don't work well with the pink. I'm looking at you, Green Bay. 

Ray Lewis' expression during the end of the Star Spangled Banner was moving - perhaps he's lost someone to breast cancer? 

Speaking of, Setup Events played Jennifer Hudson's Super Bowl 2010 version of the anthem today. It's a great version, but not when you're standing soaking wet in 45 degree temperatures.  Too long.

However, to all the competitors who didn't, put your hand over your heart. #*$@!  And to the spectators, take off your hats. It's the national anthem. Give it some respect.

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