Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old School Aquathon #3 -

So the Old School Aquathon series, sponsored by One Step Beyond and FS Series. Love it. Love it. Love it. Get permission to leave work a little early on a Wednesday, go pick up Tisha and the assorted Cromwell kids and head for the park. Swim, Run, Swim, maybe Run again. It's super hot in the water, so you think you're not going anywhere. Then you get out and run and all I want to do is get back in the water to cool off.

My overall time was 39 and change. I know I got out of the swim at less than 8:00 by the clock, and my run was 22:46 and a 9:03 pace. Walked about every five minutes for no more than 30 seconds.

It's such a low-key, non-pressure event too - just nice to relax and have fun, but push myself too.

Swimming after running? Not my strength. Kinda glad I won't be doing that for a while.

Coach Bri said I looked strong when I passed her at the water stop. I didn't admit that since I knew exactly where the water stop was and knew she would be there, I made sure to look strong when I ran by it. Hee.

More award winners!
Left to right - Tye Cromwell, Tisha Cromwell, Michele Rivera, Rich Haney, Sandra McKinnon, Teresa Sanchez, Kim Rice
Kim takes the overall series crown and wins an awesome transition bag!

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