Sunday, October 2, 2011


I lived in NYC from July 1996 to December 1999, and as I started running last year, I kept wishing I had run in NY when I lived there. I rode my Ross old-style bike in Central Park and on the West Side Highway, but I didn't run. And now I had my chance, thanks to Jacob's bar mitzvah.

My Saturday run was more relaxed - I was taking pictures :-)

Battery Park City

War Memorial in Battery Park

Trinity Church, up the street from where I used to live.

45 Wall Street, where I used to live. Yes, I used to live on Wall Street. Not as lucrative as working on Wall Street, believe me. And now Tiffany & Co. is there.

The NY Stock Exchange, a half-block from my old apartment at 45 Wall Street.

Federal Hall, across the street from the Stock Exchange.

The bull, mascot of Wall Street

The new World Trade Center under construction. The Memorial requires tickets, which I did not have. So I ran all the way around it and took pictures.

Now for the Sunday run. This was not relaxed - this was serious business.  HA!

Weather at the start was in the high 50's, which I looooooooooove.
Warmup - 10 min plus 18:27 on Garmin for 3 miles at 9:15 - 9:30 pace (Garmin didn't sync for first ten minutes)

Divided up the 9 miles into 30 minute increments/laps with 1 minute walk in between
Lap 1 30:02 min, 3.56 miles, 8:27 pace, HR = 160
this was the West Side drive, fairly flat, although some side to side zig-zagging
Lap 2 30:13 min, 3.48 miles, 8:40 pace, HR = 159
three significant slopes up here in Riverside Park and Central Park, as well as having to wait for stoplights - of the three increments, this was the toughest
Lap 3 23:23 min, 2.73 miles, 8:34 pace, HR = 159
more stoplight waiting, was also kicking myself for not bringing any Gu. Had eaten a Clif bar before I started, but other than that, I only had the low calorie G2. Not smart.

Cooldown 21:44 min, 2.06 miles, 10:34 pace, HR = 147

Overall 2:15 for 14.8 miles (the synched up Garmin will show different than that). Average 9:01 pace and HR = 154. Considering I have not run since September 10, I was very pleased with how I tolerated the goal pace running. Wish I had brought the Gu to eat halfway through, just to see if that would have helped me stay stronger in the second half. My average for the goal pace was 8:35 without the two 1:00 walk breaks and 8:48 with them. My interval timer seems to have died, so I wasn't able to do a scheduled interval (I'm thinking a 7:15 / 0:45 ratio would be a good one).

Went back to my friends' apartment and inhaled a bagel. Then we went for a walk. For three miles. Which kept my legs moving and prevented the stiffness. Still a lovely weekend in NY. I must go back soon and do some more running. I hear they host a marathon :-)

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