Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old School Aquathon #2 - July 6

300 meter swim
1 mile run
Lather, rinse, repeat

Then repeat again because it was so much fun the first two times

I've done a few run-bike bricks in reverse order, but I had never run a run-swim brick. I'll add a couple of those to the Sunday Beaverdam day because, wow, that was different.

Confirmed that the breathing thing is all mental, since if I were really going to have any physical breathing problems, it would have happened during this event. There was one woman on the run course who ran with her inhaler; her wheezing was painful and I felt sorry for her. Of course, she ran right past me, so I didn't feel TOO sorry for her after that.

All three runs felt really good, and that made me happy. I'm very curious about those times - I think I was under a 10:00 pace for all three. I was able to settle into a breathing rhythm fairly quickly where I didn't feel like I was laboring, and then was able to go faster on the third and final leg.

Have no idea of my times, as of this writing, although I think I finished somewhere around 47:00 if I remember the clock correctly. The male winner finished right in front of me. That was impressive, as I was finishing my second run when he finished. Kim Rice, the female winner, was done with her final run as I finished my third swim. Dang.

But I can say that the for the triangle swim, the second leg was HARD. Take a stroke, lose ground, take a stroke, sight, recorrect, try again. Would have loved to blame that on the buoy drifting :-) Earlier this week I wrote about my possible need to get better at bilateral breathing. Yup. Need to. I could have breathed on my left if it had become imperative. But compared to the Aquathon #1 swim, I didn't get kicked or hit at all.

By the way, Kim Rice? She is part of the group that swims at Beaverdam on Sundays and occasionally does the Duke track work that I try to do on Wednesday nights. Of course, she laps me at Beaverdam when we do our triangle course there, but she's been really helpful to try and learn from. I haven't gotten to run with her yet, but that group sticks together at the track even through the winter, so I'm pretty eager to pick up some tips. Between the Beaverdam group and the Brier Creek group, it makes it a lot of fun for me to train with one or the other.

It's such a fun event, and despite the crazy weather (scary lightning!), it was totally worth having to drive up and back to UVA today instead of last night / today. Not because I won a mug - shocker!!! but it's just a good fun workout and total release of frustration from work that I love it. Of course, I'll be super sleepy tonight (may be too sleepy to swim tomorrow), but it will still be worth it.

Pictured left to right - Tisha Cromwell, Teresa Sanchez, Michele Rivera, Sandra McKinnon, Kim Rice
in front - Bella Cromwell

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